Golf Ball


Unique masterpiece in gold

Yellow 14 karat gold

Weight : 21.41 grams

Edition limit : –

Made by ECOLSON™ in USA


The Golf Ball, by ECOLSON™. This artwork has a net weight of 21.41 grams of yellow 14 karat gold. 

This golf Ball is a beautiful and heavy keychain in gold without empty core, with some dimple details which are complex to realize by casting and polishing. The dimples imperfections are another guarantee of the uniqueness of every handcrafted piece. Golfers differentiate hard and soft golf balls for the feel and performance. A keychain of a golf ball in solid gold is an amazing display and makes it a great gift for any occasion, for instance together with the ECOLSON™ wedge.

Because you are amateur of fine art, ethical buyer, smart and sharp investor.

ECOLSON™ is a unique luxury brand. We pride ourselves on our design which is handcrafted with the best master gold foundry standards in the industry. We build our value and our reputation with genuine artwork in rupture with the global low cost jewelry market wholesale and import practices.

Our prestigious artwork collection is exclusively made and certified in solid gold without empty core or surface plating, hence the weight. Since millenium, golden objects are considered more potent for magnetizing, strengthen confidence, attracting greater wealth and luck. Gold acts as a hedge against inflation and deflation alike, as well as a good portfolio diversifier. We buy ethical gold in USA in compliance with the EICC-GeSI Conflict-free Sourcing initiative. We believe that by avoiding metal sourced from foreign areas, we reduce both human and environmental harm, as well as the distances traveled and energy expended to bring metals into jewelry production.

Our know-how is an heritage from the ancient gold foundry expertise, in respect of traditional European fine art casting and historical jewelry codes. It also reaches out to the future, ever-driven to innovate, with high precision castings realized in unique molds, sometimes extremely complex. The EC signature guarantees the uniqueness of every piece, 100% designed and handcrafted in NY, USA with supreme care and loving attention to details. The engraved hallmarks tell the precious metal purity and origin. Masterpieces with limited edition have a serial number and a roman letter symbolizing its rarity with the last possible serial number.

ECOLSON™ is registered in the Commercial and Government Entity Program (CAGE) with the US government System for Award Management (SAM), and certified member of Jewelers of America. We strive to offer the new generations a chance to learn about history and preservation of nature, therefore ECOLSON™ shares its profit with selected American foundations with the aim to promote sport, education, peace : the American Red Cross, the Tiger Wood Foundation, the National WWII museum, the National Park Foundation.

We may accept custom orders. ECOLSON™ can design and craft in solid gold other custom artwork for you in respect of our Code of Ethics. We make unique golf gifts and prizes for Corporate golf events, or any other unique masterpiece as a special jewelry experience and investment.

Every step of the ECOLSON™ experience is about you. We aim to offer high-end and personalized service to our customers. 

Each ECOLSON™ masterpiece is an amazing fine jewelry, as well as a sharp investment on the art- and commodity market. To understand what it worth you must consider the Value, and the Opportunity. Click here for more information about our Price Database.

ECOLSON™ does not charge any cost for domestic and international shipping. Our products are shipped with supreme care and attention following our customer’s particular indications if any. Click here for more information about Shipping and Delivery.

Ecolson Exclusive Masterpeice


Golf Ball




14 karat



Size (mm)

23 x 15 x 15

Weight (g)



Initials "EC"


Edition limit


Designed and produced in New York state, USA


Signature obtained by casting process to ensure cast mold uniqueness.
Each artwork is delivered with a certificate of authenticity signed by Edouard Colson.


High precision laser engraving of 5 traditional hallmarks : ECOLSON™ mark, metal fineness code, country of origin, traditional fineness symbol, date letter


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