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Each ECOLSON™ masterpiece is an amazing fine jewelry, as well as a sharp investment on the art- and commodity market. To understand what it worth you must consider the Value, and the Opportunity.


Our artwork value is defined by :

  • Ethical Gold prices
  • Handcraft : complexity to design and cast
  • Fine Art estimate : edition rarity

Smart ones will easily understand that the ECOLSON™ artwork does not compete with the mass-produced objects imported by jewelry retailers. Their cheap imported products are sold at very high price to customers who are misled in the Jewelry market. The retailers are wasting their Customers money into international shipping, duties, accumulated margins from importers and distributors.

ECOLSON™ plays in a totally different category with artistic creations which are solid, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, limited, ethic, and made in USA. Despite these rare characteristics, our artwork remains at a very reasonable price for the weight of gold and value offered. See the below chart to understand the price structure for a comparable weigh of gold :

Here is what you are paying for :

The Opportunity for value increase :

Given the increase of both gold and art market, we clearly anticipate the ECOLSON artwork value to skyrocket with the brand reputation.

First, the artwork is made exclusively in solid 14-karat certified gold, without empty core and without surface plating. The exact weight of gold is indicated with transparence each product specification. So whatever its fine art estimate becomes, each masterpiece appreciation will follow at minimum the gold market prices. Simply look at the 20 years chart below to project its value only as precious metal.

Second, we are witnessing a booming appreciation of the art market since several decades. Each ECOLSON masterpiece is a unique and numbered creation. Each masterpiece is namely registered. It follows the strict guidelines of the traditional European codes of art foundries as well as antic fine jewelry hallmarks. Naturally, the smaller the edition and the lower serial the number, the highest will become the value.

Why you must invest in Gold

High inflation and fiscal deficit are conductive for gold prices. 4 reasons why you must invest in Gold according to MoneyControl (Jan 28, 2021) :

  • Stimulus and Inflation : As the economy is expected to take more time to recover, more stimulus is expected from central bankers all over the world, including in the US. This should propel gold prices upwards
  • Low or negative real rates : investors find gold as an attractive investment option to protect their purchasing power, given that the yellow metal acts as a hedge against inflation
  • Geo-political risks still exist : The world is starting to lose confidence that the heavily indebted US can keep paying its bills. The euro overtaking the dollar to become the most used currency for global payments is one indication of that. Gold, which is priced in dollars, to be a big beneficiary if a crisis of confidence plagues the world’s reserve currency.
  • Overvalued stock markets : Investors have seen handsome gains on equity investments, as stock prices rallied. But the fear of a possible correction is playing on their minds now, as valuations are steep. One may find it difficult to invest, as despite the recent corrections, markets are at high levels. Since gold has a negative correlation with equities, it is a good idea to allocate some money to gold to contain the downside of the overall portfolio.

20 years appreciation of Gold :

Live Gold prices :

Truthfully, there are no definitive means of accurately forecasting short-term or long-term gold prices. It’s a challenging endeavor, given that there are many different variables that must be factored. Likewise, gold has historically performed well under a variety of different conditions and circumstances. That said, using different sets of techniques, it becomes a very fine art and science to predict the future price of gold. By all accounts, analysts are leaning towards a bullish scenario. Today, the price of gold hovering around $1276.80 US an ounce. In 11 years, some experts are predicting that price to at least double. By all expert accounts, there is no better time than now to invest in gold. It has long been seen as an asset to hold in a portfolio and has preserved wealth for innumerable generations. Obviously, there are pros and cons to any investment, but as a diversifying investment, gold is an excellent choice. There are numerous paths to embracing gold as an investment. Be it the futures market, to buying shares in a gold mine company, to investing in gold bullion, coins, or jewelry. With prices only predicted to skyrocket, time is of the essence.

Why you must invest in Art

The fine art market continues to boom. Fine Art can be a Fine Investment according to Investopedia (Jun 28, 2020)

The global art market is where buyers and sellers can trade in services, articles, and works-of-art and culture associated with the various arts. The market is commonly divided into two segments, a primary and a secondary market. The primary market is where works are first sold after they were created by an artist; the secondary market consists of re-sales. These re-sales can be made through private transactions or at auction. The global art market value was 64.12 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. Meanwhile, the volume of global art sales reached 40.5 million transactions in 2019, up from 39.8 million the previous year. When looking at a regional distribution of the global art market, North America held the largest share, and Europe, the second largest. Although the art market remains predominantly offline, there is increasing interest in the online art market and online art and antiques sales have seen growth in recent years.


The rarity of a work of art is what gives it value. Several factors determine the value of fine art—the size of the edition (that is, the number of prints the artist makes of one work), the significance of the work, the condition of the print, and whether it is signed and numbered by the artist.

20 years appreciation of Art vs SP500

Live Art Market confidence index

Sarah Bettencourt stated for Listen Money Matters

Investing in art is an amazing opportunity, especially if you’re someone who has always wanted to become involved or be more involved in the art world. You can create financial stability with investing in art and making it a part of your overall investment portfolio. Plus, think of the sweet conversations you could have with your friends and family when you talk about your kick-ass investments.

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