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Our commitment is to explain with transparency everything you want to know about ECOLSON™. You will discover an amazing American company founded by a successful industrial who devotes his knowledge and passion to craft one-of-a-kind gold jewelry. We tell you where and how we design and craft our Artwork, how it is priced, according to which industry standards. We are also proud to tell you everything about our values, certifications, charities, and recent news.

Edouard Colson - About ECOLSON™

Founder Story

We tell you the story of Edouard Colson. The success of a craftsman from France, established in NY, USA

About Gold

Learn more about gold karats, value, and understand why ECOLSON™ makes all its artwork solid

Our Values

This page explain the values of ECOLSON LLC


Our Code of Ethics tells you all you need to know about ECOLSON fine jewelry. Our artwork respects the historical heritage of European Fine jewelry.


We explain you in detail the entire process to manufacture fine art castings in solid gold

Price Database

Learn about the pricing policy of ECOLSON™ artwork. Is it expensive ? No. Understand why.

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Giving back

ECOLSON LLC donates to multiple non lucrative associations which are promoting sport, education, history, and preservation of nature.   

Recent News

We share all information related to our company evolution


ECOLSON is proud member of Jewelers of America and has received multiple accreditations. Learn more

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