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Trademark registered

04/19/2022, ECOLSON has launched its Trademark registration in order to provide enhanced protection against counterfeiters, cyber squatters, and importers of infringing products. Our Trademark is our brand name. It represents the goodwill of ECOLSON and its association with our fine art castings in the eyes of our customers.

Introducing our QR code

04/18/2022, ECOLSON LLC introduces fine art gold castings in version 2.0 with a new QR code which will direct users directly to our website from our communication supports.

CAGE registered with the US Government

04/06/2022, ECOLSON LLC has successfully registered in the Commercial and Government Entity Program (CAGE) with the US Government System for Award Management (SAM). This creates the foundation of how ECOLSON LLC can engage with the federal government, NATO member nations, and other foreign governments. With this development, we give all the clearance needed to contracting new opportunities that drive our business.

Giving back to the American Red Cross

03/12/2022, ECOLSON™ decided to donate to the American Red Cross all past profits resulting from sales in Belarus and Russia since January 2019. The American Red Cross has deployed international crisis responders to Poland, Moldova, Hungary and Romania to provide humanitarian relief in support of the International Red Cross operation helping Ukrainian families who fled their homes.

We stand with Ukraine

02/25/2022, ECOLSON™ has suspended all relations with Belarus and Russia. We follow the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, where Russian forces has launched full invasion causing civilian casualties, devastation and serious breaches to international laws.

JA Certified Professional

Proud member of Jewelers of America

12/07/2021, ECOLSON™ is an accredited member of Jewelers of America. We are primed for our high ethical practices. We ensure all our customers that they can shop with confidence for one-of-a-kind and numbered jewelry made in USA.

National Park Foundation

Giving back to the National Park foundation

12/04/2021, ECOLSON™ donates to the National Park Foundation, which strives to ensure that all people are welcome and able to discover their own personal connections to parks. National parks tell the story of America, in all its beauty and imperfection, and we are committed to sharing these essential and vital stories.

TGR Foundation logo2

Giving back to the TGR foundation

11/07/2021, ECOLSON™ donates to the Tiger Wood Foundation, empowering students to pursue their passion through education.


Giving back to the National WWII Museum

08/22/2021, ECOLSON™ donates to the National WWII Museum to allow future generations to better appreciate the real stories of our heroes, their struggle and sacrifice.


British Assay Goldsmith' Hallmarks as reference

ECOLSON™ Artwork set to apply Hallmarks Inspired by the codes of the most historical European standards, the hallmark of our fine Jewelry is meant to tell an item’s precious metal purity and origin.

System for Award Management

ECOLSON LLC is in process to be certified SBE (Small Business Enterprise) and registered on the Official U.S. Government System for Award Management.


Duns & Bradstreet

09/13/2021, ECOLSON LLC is a Duns & Bradstreet registered Company.

We proudly design and handcraft our Artwork in NY, USA

Certified Made in America

04/20/2020, ECOLSON™ certifies its products in respect of the strictest Made in America requirements. It is important to us that all our Products are made here in the USA with supreme care and loving attention to detail. We truly believe that American made Products are superior to those made in Low Cost Countries.

EICC GeSI conflict free

EICC – GeSI Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative

09/01/2019. ECOLSON™ certifies the use of ethical gold from Precious Metal Refining in compliance with the EICC – GeSI Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative for sourcing only from “conflicted” areas of the world subjected to Responsible Supply Chain due-diligence.


Certificate of Good Standing

07/01/2019, ECOLSON LLC a New York Limited Liability Company filed Articles of Organization pursuant to the Limited Liability Company Law as shown by the records of the Department.

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