ECOLSON™ Code of Ethics

It makes the difference. 

Defined by ECOLSON™ Art foundry, based on the principles of :

  • the Ethics of the Syndicat General des Fondeurs de France and Galleries d’Art de Paris, established in 1993
  • the British Hallmarking Council created by the Hallmarking Act since the International Convention on the Control and Marking of Articles of Precious Metals, established in 1973
  • the American Union of Decorative Artists and Craftsmen AUDAC, established in 1928.

ECOLSON™ Artwork is entirely designed and handcrafted in New York state, USA.

The company ECOLSON LLC is a certified member of Jewelers of America.

All artwork manufactured and sold by ECOLSON as “Gold Masterpiece” is manufactured in certified 14-karat gold.

When gold is discovered in nature, it is found pure and undiluted. Pure gold is 24 karat. It is very malleable and makes it inappropriate for jewelry due to its softness. Our fine jewelry is diluted via man-made process known as “alloying” to make it harder and more resilient to scratches. The 14-karat gold is composed of 58.3% pure gold and 41.7% alloy. This is the most famous option for engagement rings and other wearable jewelry in the United States, the UK and the other Western countries. The 14-karat metal composition offers the best combination of a rich color, more durability and resistance to wear and tears. 

All artwork is in solid gold. It has no empty core or surface plating. The exact weight of each masterpiece is specified on its certificate of Authenticity.

ECOLSON™ uses ethical gold from Precious Metal Refining. Since 1998, United has provided support of environmental and social impact concerns of precious metal mining by supplying refined precious metals, sourced from industries other than mining, to the jewelry market worldwide. United refines gold to meet a highly consistent standard and to make them suitable for use in jewelry casting.

United Precious Metal Refining operates in compliance with the EICC – GeSI Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative for sourcing only from “conflicted” areas of the world subjected to Responsible Supply Chain due-diligence. The countries which are presently included in the list as of “conflicted areas” are listed below :

Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia.

We believe that by avoiding metal sourced from these areas, we reduce both human and environmental harm, as well as the distances traveled and energy expended to bring metals into jewelry production.

Unless otherwise stated in the item specifics, any artwork obtained by foundry will include – engraved from the casting process in the thickness of the metal – the following permanent and visible markings:

  • the sculptor’s signature (initials EC)
  • the serial number in Arabic numerals (e.g 1, 2, 3 etc) defining the masterpiece identity by chronological order
  • the edition size in Roman numerals (e.g. X, L, C etc) defining the rarity of the Artwork

The Roman numerals are :

Edition size
(number of unique items
produced from the same Edition)
X  10
XX  20
L  50
C  100
CC  200
D  500
M  1,000
V*  5,000
X*  10,000











 For illustration:

The masterpiece numbered 6/C is the 6th masterpiece produced out of an edition of total 100 units. The number 6 is unique and there is no more than 100 masterpieces produced.

The size of the edition is determined before the completion of the first casting process and is irrevocable. This choice depends on ECOLSON. When the quantity pre-determined is reached, it cannot be exceeded.

The first masterpieces of an edition can be offered in private pre-sale to the most loyal partners and customers at the sole discretion of ECOLSON.

Any artwork rejected by the artist must be destroyed by the foundry.

Inspired by the traditional codes of the most historical European standards, the hallmark of our fine jewelry is meant to tell an item’s precious metal purity and origin. ECOLSON artwork will have the following laser engravings :


  • Sponsor’s mark. This is the main logo of ECOLSON LLC, being the designer of each artwork.
  • Millesimal fineness mark. This mark tells you how fine, or what quality, the metal is, as well as indicating the metal type. This numerical format was made compulsory and shows the precious metal content of the article, expressed in parts per thousand.  We mark a piece to the lowest standard of precious metal, so it guarantees that the quality of the whole article is no less than the fineness indicated. 
  • Origin. Traditionally, European countries have each a symbol to identify the origin of the jewelry. ECOLSON engraves its artwork “USA”.
  • Traditional fineness symbol. Applied as standard at per the Goldsmiths’ Company Assay Office in the U.K.
  • Date letter. It changes annually on January 1st. The font, case, and shield shape all change so each can only indicate one specific year.

Each model offered for sale will have the following specifics provided:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Material
  • Material grade
  • Color
  • Design origin
  • Manufacturing origin
  • Seller origin
  • Limited edition
  • Serialization
  • Signature
  • Medium

Each genuine model is namely registered and delivered with a certificate of authenticity signed by Edouard Colson.

ECOLSON does not charge any cost for shipping. 

Our products are shipped with supreme care and attention following our customer’s particular indications if any. Premium tracking information is provided at the date of the shipment.

ECOLSON artwork is protected by trademark. The reproduction of ECOLSON artworks is strictly prohibited.

Our Code of Ethics clarifies our mission, values and principles, linking them with standards of professional conduct which is fundamental to our successful operation. It provides a framework and a standard for ethical decision making within our organization. It informs our customers, vendors, and other external stakeholders what is valued by ECOLSON LLC. Golf is a rare hobby that teaches honesty, integrity, respect, confidence, perseverance, courtesy and humility. Golf allows to look inward and work toward improvements, and it reminds us all that we’re not perfect… but that doesn’t mean we stop trying !

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