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Edouard Colson

Edouard Colson, founder of ECOLSON LLC, is a French industrial, investor and craftsman established in the USA. Here is his success story :


The founder Edouard Colson is a multifaceted historian, designer and metallurgist. The brand ECOLSON™ combines his extensive experience in the fields of art and design. He worked closely with skilled craftsmen during many years to fully comprehend and utilize the qualities of gold to create timeless pieces. Edouard draw inspiration from the discovery of America when developing designs in solid gold. Artists have been paying homage to gold since the beginning of time, the Ancient Egyptians believed that it conferred immortal power, and there is no doubt that the dynamic ECOLSON™ designs has, does enhance both the modern and spiritual values of the precious metal. 

Edouard was raised in a catholic family of six, in the medieval city of Provins, near Paris. He was blessed with a large number of cousins and a sense of family unity. Most of his vacations were taking place in old family mansions, legacy from the noble and aristocrat origins of both his mother and father. Religious moral and values, classic music, art bronzes, old paintings are part of Edouard’s environment during all his childhood. Edouard immigrated in USA and became a successful industrial, investor and entrepreneur.

Edouard received a high end strict education in the the private schools of Sainte-Croix in Provins, and Saint-Joseph in Reims. He was also a scout during ten years, like all his siblings. Graduated with a baccalaureat ‘with distinction’ in Economics, Edouard pursued his education in multiple private universities and business schools in France, in the U.K, and in Germany. Edouard has a bachelor degree in Finance, and a Masters degree in Management of Industries.

St Ayoul, Provins

From mother side, his family was important land owners inherited from noble origins. The ancestry of this family is incredibly well documented. Edouard can track his origins back to the Carolingian dynasty of the kings of France. Multiple branches of his family are linked directly to important personalities, such as the Scottish nobleman Ulysse Monroe dit Roe, or the settler and governor of Quebec Pierre Boucher de Boucherville.

Le Jar, Bar-sur-Aube

From father side, the Colson family is immigrants from England to the region of Lorraine in eastern France during the religious wars of the sevententh century. The Colson family established as ‘Maitre de Poste’ (Postmaster) in the days of horse-drawn carriages, then became a wealthy and influent family during the French revolution of 1789 with professions such as lawyers, attorneys, prosecutors and judges. 

Nil sine labore

“Nothing without work”

In 2004, Edouard took his first job near Cologne in Germany. He became fluent German and learned about the industrial environment. 

In 2007, he moved to Valenciennes in Northern France, on a large train manufacturing facility where he purchased parts and equipment. He became highly knowledgeable about the metallurgic industry, from the production of metals in all its variances to its transformations processes. A knowledge which will inspire later his craftsman skills with the precious yellow metal. With passion for his job, an immense dedication to work and a proven talent in technical negotiation, Edouard evolved very quickly to different positions and became responsible for many other critical and safety equipment.

in 2012, The company invited him to take a lead position at the headquarters in Paris, Edouard accepted and relocated again. He spent several years enjoying the beautiful historical heritage of the French capital, also capital of the world for art and fashion. Edouard spent lot of time travelling for business. He developed a deep technical expertise and worldwide connections in the industry.

High speed train in testing in Colorado

In 2015 an American manufacturer invited Edouard to develop new infrastructure for the USA. A risky but exciting adventure that Edouard accepted. He sold his assets, his house, his cars… he loaded a container with his belongings and crossed the Atlantic to immigrate on the new continent together with his wife and children. As an enthusiast, responsible and inclusive leader, Edouard evolved to managerial positions until becoming the head of procurement excellence for the North American region. 

American dream

Edouard is married and has four children. This little crowd has become totally immerged into the American culture, without forgetting their origins from the old continent and maintaining a high degree of cultural mix. Edouard went to discover this amazing country and gave his family a unique experience. In just a few years, Edouard brought his family into many travels and road trips across the country. They visited most national parks, visited all large cities, stayed in each State, visited countless museums. Edouard and his family have appreciated each little piece of this incredible and immense country.

Colson family at the Roosevelt National Park

In addition to a brilliant career, Edouard became a successful investor. He developed assets in real estate, in stocks, in commodities and in art. But Edouard thinks out of the box and never stops thinking forward. Inspired with assets, commodities, handcrafted art, American history of the gold rush, and altogether combined with very high competences in metal casting and also knowledge of traditional European codes of Art, Edouard started to design and create small objects in solid gold around the cherished theme of the golf. This became a hobby : conceptualize an object and make it a real unique handcrafted precious artwork in solid gold. 

ECOLSON LLC to promote excellence

In 2019, Edouard founded the company ECOLSON LLC with the aim to share his passion. ECOLSON™ offers something totally different than what the market offers, something unique, something exclusive, with values, with prestige, and seeking perfection. ECOLSON™ is in total opposition with the standard jewelry retail market mostly imported from Asia and sold at high costs. ECOLSON™ designs, prototypes, manufactures and sells products which are truly unique with very high values : authenticity, exclusivity, solid gold and proudly made in USA.

His creations generate an interest by multiple categories of people :

  • The most trendy golf community, golf event prizes
  • American holders of the Art market
  • Audacious investors willing to innovate the way to invest in Gold as a commodity
  • Mindful jewelers wanting to offer other than imported products to their Customers

 ECOLSON™ was founded to make your Jewelry shopping experience very special

What makes ECOLSON™ artwork so special is that not only it applies the millennial know-how of the precious metal transformation, but it does it with absolute respect for the European codes of fine art and fine historical jewelry. Some creations are inspired by a cherished theme : golf, and the values of this sport.

Each edition has been designed by Edouard Colson and was entirely crafted in New York. An edition is composed of similar individuals handcrafted in a limited quantity. Beside the creators initial, the serial number is directly casted into the solid golden unit to guarantee its authenticity. The fineness mark, fineness traditional symbol, origin, and date letter are stamped on each Masterpiece. 

When you buy an ECOLSON™ masterpiece, it is not only an amazing Jewelry purchase, it is also an investment on the art- and commodity markets. Whether you decide to obtain one for you, as an exclusive gift, as an investment, these products will make you incredibly happy.

There is no compromise on your entire satisfaction. We aim to offer high end and personalized service to our customers. From passion in design, to craftsmanship in production, every step of the ECOLSON™ experience is about our customers.

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