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Edouard Colson

ECOLSON LLC was founded in 2019 by Edouard Colson, a French industrial, investor and craftsman established in the USA. You will learn here the successful founder story.


Edouard Colson is a multifaceted industrial, historian, designer and metallurgist. The brand ECOLSON™ combines his extensive experience in the fields of art and design. He worked closely with skilled craftsmen during many years to fully comprehend and utilize the qualities of gold to create timeless pieces. Edouard draw inspiration from the exploration of America when developing designs in solid gold. Artists have been paying homage to gold since the beginning of time, the Ancient Egyptians believed that it conferred immortal power, and there is no doubt that the dynamic ECOLSON™ designs has, does enhance both the modern and spiritual values of the precious metal. 

Edouard was raised in a Christian catholic family of six, in the medieval and UNESCO world heritage town of Provins, near Paris. He was blessed with a large community of siblings, uncles, aunts and cousins with a profound sense of unity. Most his childhood was spent in family mansions, which are the inheritance from noble and aristocrat origins of his parents. Strict religious moral, family values, classic music, art bronzes and fine paintings are elements of Edouard’s environment during his childhood. Edouard immigrated in USA and became since a successful industrial, investor and entrepreneur.


Edouard received a high-end education at the private schools of Sainte-Croix in Provins, then at the Jesuit high school Saint-Joseph in Reims. He has been boy scout for ten years, like all his siblings. Graduated in 2001 with a baccalaureat with distinction in Economics, Edouard pursued his college education in private business schools in Lyon (France), London (U.K), and Berlin (Germany). Edouard has an associate degree in Business, a bachelor degree in Finance, a Masters degree in Management of Industries. 

St Ayoul, Provins

From mother side, Edouard ancestors are important land owners inherited from noble origins. The ancestry of this family is documented back to the times of the Carolingian dynasty of the kings of France (11th century). This family counts number of high ranked personalities such as the Scottish nobleman Ulysse Monroe dit Roe, the settler and governor of Quebec Pierre Boucher de Boucherville, the romantic painter Eugene Delacroix, the diplomat and admiral Alfred Gervais, the WWII hero Albert Seguin de Reynies, amongst others.

Le Jar, Bar-sur-Aube

From father side, Edouard ancestors were originally immigrants from England to the region of Lorraine in eastern France during the Thirty Years’ war in the 17th century. The Colson family established as Postmasters in the days of horse-drawn carriages, then became a wealthy and influent family during the French revolution of 1789 with professions such as lawyers, attorneys, prosecutors and judges. The family gained a military importance during the Battle of the Marne in WWI, and with its close acquaintance with General Charles de Gaulle (later 18th President of France) during WWII.

Nil sine labore

Old saying of the Roman Empire, translated from Latin : “Nothing comes without work”.

In 2004, Edouard got a job in an industry near Cologne in Germany. He learned the basics of the metallurgy and became fluent in German.

In 2007, he moved to Valenciennes in Northern France, to work for a large train manufacturing facility where he was purchasing parts and equipment. He became highly knowledgeable about the metallurgic industry, from the production of metals in all its variances to its transformations processes. A knowledge which will inspire later his craftsman skills with the precious yellow metal. With passion for his job, an immense dedication to work and a proven talent in technical negotiation, Edouard evolved very quickly in that company.

in 2012, the company promoted Edouard at a lead position at the headquarters in Paris where he relocated. He spent several years enjoying beside his employment the beautiful historical heritage of the French capital, also capital of the world for art and fashion. He continued to develop a deep technical expertise and worldwide connections in the industry. 

High speed train testing in Colorado

In 2015 an American train company invited Edouard for his expertise to develop the railway infrastructure in the USA. A risky adventure for a then father-of-three and well established professional, but a life time opportunity. The founder story begins. Excited for this cross Atlantic adventure, Edouard accepted the challenge. He sold his assets, house, cars and emigrated from the old- to the new continent. Edouard kept evolving to managerial positions in the railway field for the whole North American region as an enthusiast and successful professional.

American dream

Edouard went to discover this amazing country and gave his family a unique experience. During several years, Edouard brought his family into many travels and road trips across the country. They visited most national parks, visited all large cities, stayed in each State, visited countless museums. Edouard and his family have appreciated each little piece of this incredible and immense country. Edouard is married and has four children. This little crowd has become totally immerged into the American culture, without forgetting their origins from the old continent and maintaining a high degree of cultural mix. 

Colson family at the Roosevelt National Park, ND

Aside his brilliant career, he also became a successful investor in the USA. Edouard developed assets in real estate, stocks, commodities and art. At this point Edouard decided to combine all his passions into a unique Jewelry making, which is inspired by commodities management (gold), handcrafted art (fine castings), American history and golf (designs), as well as highest business Ethics. The small objects designed and made in solid gold with the highest standards of foundry, soon became prestigious numbered Artwork. The value of these masterpieces in precious metal is enhanced by the traditional codes of European Art castings, and the historical fine jewelry Hallmarks.

ECOLSON™ to promote excellence

In 2019, Edouard founded ECOLSON LLC. The company mission is offer to exclusive high-end customers a very special jewelry shopping experience. In fact, ECOLSON™ means something totally different than what the wholesale market does. In opposition with mass produced retails, imported from Asia to USA and sold at ridiculous prices for their weight of gold, you may buy authentic ECOLSON™ Artwork which is absolutely unique and priced for its weight. You may own exclusive numbered masterpieces 100% made in USA, designed with perfection and seeking your own prestige. 

These creations generate an interest by multiple categories of customers :

  • Most trendy golf community
  • Holders of the Art market
  • Audacious investors
  • Mindful jewelers

This was the Founder Story. What makes ECOLSON™ artwork so special is that not only it applies the millennial know-how of the precious metal transformation, but it does it with absolute respect for the European codes of fine art and fine historical jewelry. Each edition has been designed by Edouard Colson and was entirely crafted in New York. An edition is composed of similar individuals handcrafted in a limited quantity. The creators initials and the serial number are directly casted into the solid golden unit to guarantee its authenticity. The fineness mark, fineness traditional symbol, origin, and date letter are engraved on each Masterpiece. 

When you buy an ECOLSON™ masterpiece, it is not only an amazing Jewelry purchase. It is an investment on the art- and commodity markets. Regardless if you buy it for you, as a gift or as an investment : these products will make you feel incredibly unique !

There is no compromise on your entire satisfaction. We aim to offer high-end and personalized service to our customers. From passion in design, to craftsmanship in production, every step of the ECOLSON™ experience is about our customers.

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