ECOLSON™ craftsmanship involves design, creation and finishing of incredibly special Artwork. Our jewelry is crafted by highly skilled artisans, who harmoniously incorporate traditional techniques with high-tech manufacturing, to achieve unparalleled level of excellence. With masters in a wide array of disciplines, we are capable to translate intricate designs into wearable Art. This aptitude assures that each ECOLSON™ masterpiece has a unique touch, and passes our high quality standards.

In the end, every finished artwork is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that pays tribute to the man whose enduring vision remains an inspiration, and whose legacy will be treasured for generations to come. 

Craftsmanship : step by step process

Original design by Edouard Colson, or any custom artwork inspired by you.

Craftsmanship CAD design

So many factors go into making a successful piece that is both pleasing to wear and possible to produce. The principles of jewelry design require expertise. We use premium design software in order to computerize the concept. Sometimes, countless versions are required to obtain the perfect design. The artist initials and serial numbers are engraved in the model to ensure its uniqueness. It means that each model produced has its unique 3D file, its unique print, its unique mold, its unique casting and craftsmanship process.

This is where we bring the digital model into the real world. Seeing and handling a printed prototype gives us the opportunity to see where alterations to the design might be needed. Leading edge technologies allow us to print the model in high resolution. We verify and challenge the design until we obtain the perfect version.

Craftsmanship - Molding

The molds are made by securing the 3D printed model to one side of a box frame and then pouring a thick liquid compound to fill the frame. The compound solidifies and cures around the model. Then, the model is cut free from the mold, leaving a negative image of the piece. We make vulcanized silicone molds one by one, using a hot press. This modern material is the best option for higher details resolution. The mold is made for only one single use since the artist initials and serial number are molded with the artwork. The mold will destroyed once the final cast is made and deemed perfect.

A time-honored Art ! Complex and tedious craftsmanship. Using the mold, we cast gold into the mold with outstanding details.

Investment – The wax stem and attached model is placed in a special frame called a flask and surrounded by an investment material. Once the investment material sets, it hardens into the mold for the jewelry.

Burnout – After the investment material hardens, the flask is placed in a special kiln to burn away the wax, which leaves a cavity in the investment material that becomes the final mold. 

Melting – The gold melted, and depending on the alloy or type of gold used, temperatures can range from 1,617 to 2,006 degrees Fahrenheit. Gold can be combined with other materials like silver, copper and palladium to create different alloys of varying color and hardness. ECOLSON™ uses ethical gold from Precious Metal Refining, in compliance with the EICC – GeSI Conflict-free Initiative.

Casting – The liquid gold can be poured directly into the mold, but various techniques can be used to ensure a higher-quality casting. Centrifugal casting, vacuum-assisted casting or pressure casting can be used to ensure the gold flows into every area of the mold evenly.

Divesting – Once the metal cools, it needs to be removed from the investment material. This can be done through physical or chemical means. Each casting is cleaned and polished, and the sprues are cut off for recycling.

We remove the sprue and clean the piece. We check for imperfections and correct them. This step is very time consuming and thorough. A high polish will bring the piece to a high shine.

craftsmanship polishing  


Craftsmanship Hallmarks Engraving

Our hallmarks are laser engraved with high-tech equipment, and respect the historical European standards to tell the model’s origin, fineness and date. Refer to our Code of Ethics for more details.


Hallmarks-list craftsmanship

Each genuine model is namely registered and delivered with a certificate of authenticity signed by Edouard Colson

Ecolson craftsmanship certificate of authenticity


Each model is delivered with premium secured shipment in an ECOLSON™ branded packaging. ECOLSON™ does not charge any shipping costs. More details in our Shipping & Delivery section. 

Gold Golfer Gift craftsmanship

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