Patriotic Dog Tag


Bold Stripes, Bright Stars, Brave Hearts

Weight : 25 grams

Yellow 14 karat gold

Numbering : from 1/M until 1000/M

Made in USA by ECOLSON™

What a great way to honor the Veterans and all those who serve our country ! This artwork is an exclusive representation of the US army dog tag, designed and handcrafted by ECOLSON. The dimensions of this model comply with the official specifications from the US army, but thicker and made of 25 grams of gold. This edition is limited to 1,000 unique masterpieces (characterized by the roman letter M).

The complexity of this design is to ensure a perfect finish of the stripes and stars after casting in a unique mold. Please refer our Craftsmanship page fore more information

The engraving of the initials EC and serial number is on the bottom left of the back side. This marking is obtained from the casting process. This guarantees that each masterpiece is a genuine artwork. The five traditional hallmarks are laser-engraved on the upper right of the back side with high precision tools. The hallmark of our fine jewelry is meant to tell an item’s precious metal purity and origin. Please refer to our Code of Ethics page for more information about numbering, editions and hallmarks.

ECOLSON™ was founded to promote different business practices than what the global market offers. ECOLSON LLC is a certified member of Jewelers of America. Our know-how is an heritage from the millennial metal casting expertise, in respect of traditional French bronze fine artwork, and inspired by most historical British jewelry hallmarks standards. Each collection has limited numbered masterpieces. Every creation is in solid 14k gold 100% designed and crafted in NY, USA.


We accept Custom Orders !

Tell us about your project by following the link of our Contact page. We can design and manufacture your unique Artwork such as keychains, charms, medallions, prizes, etc.


Solid gold

Material grade

14-Karat certified US gold


Yellow gold


5cm x 2.8cm x 0.28cm (1.97in x 1.10in x 0.11in)


25g (0.9oz or 16dwt)


From 1/M to 1000/D

Limited edition

1,000 unique numbered pieces

Seller origin

USA, New York state

Manufacturing origin

USA, New York state

Design origin

USA, New York state


Initials "EC"


Unique serial number and signature obtained by casting process. Each Masterpiece delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity


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