Solid precious metal

Gold has occupied a unique social status for millennia, from the ancient Egyptians to the modern U.S. Treasury. Gold is recognized since primitive times to symbolize wealth and luck as well as strengthen confidence. Gold, with its warm glow, represents the sun, the center of our solar system and around which all other planets rotate, making it magnetic. Golden objects are considered more potent for magnetizing and attracting greater wealth.

Owning gold can act as a hedge against inflation and deflation alike, as well as a good portfolio diversifier. Gold is going up in value because the demand exceeds the supply, just like anything else

All MasterPieces from ECOLSON™ are made in solid and certified 14K american Gold. Owning one of our Products is not only a great social distinction, it's also a way to invest directly in Gold and attract fortune !

Smart Art

Art is the conscious use of skill and creative imagination in the production of aesthetic objects. Art is inspiring us, inciting new questions and provoking curiosity, excitement, and outrage. Art has the power to educate people and to promote cultural appreciation among a generation that’s currently preoccupied with their technology.

ECOLSON™ strictly respects the Fine Art Foundry codes and principles from Europe. Each Product is a unique MasterPiece of Art. While ECOLSON™ has its roots deep in the ancient tradition of Bronze casting, it also reaches out to the future, ever-driven to innovate. Similar to Original bronze sculptures, each Product have the manufacturers initials and a unique serial number from its unique casting mold, which guarantees their authenticity.

Golf Etiquette

Golf is a rare hobby that combines exercise, the great outdoors, dedicated time with others, skill, and friendly competition– with your friends and with yourself. Golf teaches us patience, focus, discipline, and humility – not to mention all golfers learn to keep our anger in check, and how to stay positive and work for reward. A day out on the course calms your mind, keeps you fit and engaged. Golf allows you to look inward and work towards improvement, and it reminds us all that we’re not perfect… but that doesn’t mean we stop trying! 

That is why ECOLSON™ offers Golf related creations. Our values are - like Golf values : honesty, integrity, respect, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, courtesy.


Proudly made in USA

As an American made company it is important to us that all our Products are made here in the USA with supreme care and loving attention to detail. At ECOLSON™ we pride ourselves on our Design which is handcrafted by the best Master Gold foundry in the Industry. We truly believe that American made Products are superior to those made in Low Cost Countries. We are proud to create jobs in the USA. You can buy with confidence knowing that the ECOLSON™ Products are made with the highest certified Quality Gold under the strictest guidelines of our Master foundry.

Our Customers are smart and sharp. They know that nowadays most of jewelers are importing their Products from Asia. They do understand our company’s commitment to a better quality of life for local workers and stronger economies for the communities in which our facilities are located.

Quality and Service

There is no compromise on the entire Satisfaction of our customers.


Giving back

Edouard Colson is personally sensible to the freedom obtained by the sacrifice of the fallen during the liberation of Europe in 1944. We donate to the National WWII Museum to allow future generations to better appreciate the real stories of our heroes, their struggle and sacrifice.

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